Digital Accessibility Learning

Created by the experience of accessibility experts at BarrierBreak, ACE Learning is a comprehensive, digital accessibility learning platform providing you and your team with the knowledge required to stay ahead of the curve

Build Accessibility Knowledge Gap Across Organizations​

  • Get access to resources and knowledge to acquire a deeper understanding of accessibility principles and best practices.
  • Develop the skills and expertise of your team to navigate accessibility challenges with ease.
  • Enhance usability using techniques to improve the accessibility of websites, mobile applications and digital content.
  • Stay updated on evolving accessibility standards and guidelines.

Who Should Enroll?

ACE Bytes and Courses are designed for anyone with a keen interest in digital accessibility wanting to deepen their understanding.

The structured courses are designed for but not limited to:

  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Product Managers
  • Accessibility Professionals
  • Content Developers
  • HR & DEI Professionals

Self – Paced

Engaging Courses

Practical Skills

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The Creative Minds Behind the Product

Amit Bagwe

Amit Bagwe – CPWA

Accessibility & Assistive Technology Specialist

Priti Rohra

Priti Rohra – CPWA

Chief Accessibility Officer

Fahad Lambate

Fahad Lambate – CPWA

Associate Accessibility Director

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Shaping Tomorrows Accessibility Professionals

Gain valuable insights and advance your career in the field of digital accessibility.